Works in Progress

  • Tentative title: Memory Mausoleum
    Genre: Science fiction
    Number of books: Planned standalone but I do have ideas for a sequel.
    Blurb: Memories are more important than things, right? But what if your memories could be turned into things, to be kept pristine throughout your whole life? One of Colchester’s most esteemed magickers (the name for those scientists whose work is suspiciously like magic) Haimon Easterday is on the verge of securing the funding to mass produce such technology. But he has a few memories he’d like to keep hidden. At any cost.
    State of the manuscript: Revising with the intent to query to agents in mid-to-late 2022.
  • Tentative title: Austri’s Journey
    Genre: Fantasy
    Number of books: Planned trilogy
    Blurb: Austriella has grown up hearing all sorts of stories from the guests at her foster parents’ inn. But when she gets caught up in a mystery surrounding one of the guests, she finds herself whisked into a story of far-reaching, royally deadly consequences.
    State of the manuscript: The first book is drafted; I am working on book two as of February 2021.
  • Tentative title: Untitled
    Genre: Fantastical romance
    Number of books: Planned duology
    Blurb: Naturium has long been a land divided: family from family, spirits from people, and humanity from the land. Arowyn has been chosen to be the Elemental Guardian for the traditional term of a year and she intends to make the most of it. Her plans to do what she can to unite humanity back to the land go awry when Vincen, the lost heir to one of Naturium’s elemental families returns, bent on claiming his birthright.
    State of the manuscript: The first book has been drafted; drafting the second book has been begun but is on the back burner right now as I contemplate certain plot points.
  • Tentative title: The Wolf in the Woods
    Genre: Mystery
    Number of books: Planned standalone.
    Blurb: A psychology student finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation because she is the only person who can communicate with the one witness: the victim’s little sister, who hasn’t said a word since it happened.
    State of the manuscript: Brainstorming with the intent to begin drafting in late 2021, early 2022. Maybe.
  • Tentative title: Untitled
    Genre: Fantasy/mystery
    Number of books: Planned standalone
    Blurb: All I’ve figured out about this story is that a group of four friends retrace their steps of an underground expedition they undertook when they were younger to try to find the song at the center of the earth. Their children decide to go after them and end up confronting more than just their wayward parents.
    State of the manuscript: Brainstorming. No drafting deadlines as yet.
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