Works in Progress

  • Tentative title: Memory Mausoleum
    Genre: Science fiction
    Number of books: Planned standalone but I do have ideas for a sequel
    Blurb: Memories are more important than things, right? But what if your memories could be turned into things, to be kept pristine throughout your whole life? One of Colchester’s most esteemed magickers (the name for those scientists whose work is suspiciously like magic) Haimon Easterday is on the verge of securing the funding to mass produce such technology. But he has a few memories he’d like to keep hidden. At any cost.
    State of the manuscript: Querying!
  • Tentative Title: The Warmth of Sheep’s Clothing
    Genre: Literary fiction/dark academia
    Number of books: Standalone
    Blurb: Leah has transferred from being a virtual to an in-person student for her last semester at St. Dymphna University, one of the most prominent schools of theology in the country. She miraculously gets to study under the famous author and speaker, Dr. Ezekiel Felix. His classes are brutal but not as brutal as he turns out to be.
    State of the manuscript: Drafting as of October 2022.
  • Tentative title: The Ten Trials
    Genre: Fantasy romance
    Number of books: Standalone
    Blurb: Nadiya’s country is at war and has suffered grievous losses. To maintain their population, her country is forsaking its usually strict courtship customs, which include trials that potential partners create and undergo to prove their trustworthiness to each other. Only Prince Kitric, who has recently returned home to the capital from the front lines, has to maintain the tradition of creating ten trials for his bride-to-be. And guess who has set his eyes on Nadiya?
    State of the manuscript: Drafting as of March 2023.
  • Tentative title: The Wolf in the Woods
    Genre: Mystery
    Number of books: Planned standalone
    Blurb: A recently graduated therapist finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation because she is the only person who can communicate with the one witness: the victim’s little sister, who hasn’t said a word since it happened.
    State of the manuscript: Brainstorming with the intent to begin drafting in late 2023. Maybe.
  • Tentative title: Untitled
    Genre: Fantasy/mystery
    Number of books: Planned standalone
    Blurb: All I’ve figured out about this story is that a group of four friends retrace their steps of an underground expedition they undertook when they were younger to try to find the song at the center of the earth. Their children decide to go after them and end up confronting more than just their wayward parents.
    State of the manuscript: Plotted with the intent to begin drafting in early to mid 2024.
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