The Unofficial Test Run, 365 Tomorrows, January 2023.

Blushes, Spillwords Press, September 2022.

A Moment, Bullshit Lit, June 2022.

The Coffin Painter, Sledgehammer Lit, November 2021.

A New Adventure, Eunoia Review, October 2021.

The Last Trick, The Phoenix Project/Second Chance Lit, originally published June 2013 and republished July 2021. This was my first piece of fiction ever published.

The Unexpected Siren of Pistol Shot Island, Seaborne Magazine, May 2021.

Portraiture, Sledgehammer Lit, April 2021.

Backstory, Second Chance Lit, January 2021.

CompBot finds Christmas, 365 Tomorrows, December 2020.

Hair, Dream Journal, October 2020.

Water and Fire, 101 Words, October 2020.

Participation Trophy, The Daily Drunk, July 2020.

Lack of Trust, 365 Tomorrows, July 2020.

The Bird in the Ice, Blind Corner Literary Magazine, July 2020.

The Stone’s Sword, 101 Words, December 2019.

A Different Kind of Sleep Experiment, 365 Tomorrows, October 2019.

Machines, 365 Tomorrows, March 2019.

Special Delivery, Moon Magazine, February 2019.

Friendship Quilts, 101 Words, June 2017.

A Woman’s Journey, 101 Words, April 2017.

Stress Eating, Oddball Magazine, March 2017. Fun fact: this short story was my undergraduate fiction thesis.

Three Words, 101 Words, February 2017.

Capturing the Muse, Peacock Journal, October 2016.

Me vs. Myself, DoveTales: An International Journal of the Arts: Nature, May 2015.

Mrs. Small’s Secret, Origami Journal, September 2013.

Tea-Time at the Train Station, The Wayfarer, September 2013.


Chihiro’s Reflections, The Daily Drunk, February 2023.

Bigger Oceans, Magpie Literary Journal, March 2022.

More, Versification, February 2021.

Secrets, Neuro Logical Literary Magazine, December 2020.

Stargazing, Poke: A Journal of Kink and Erotica, September 2020. You’ll probably have to scroll down for this one. It’s number XI.

Supposed to be, The Daily Drunk, August 2020.

Mario’s Patience, The Daily Drunk, July 2020.

Things we can’t clean, What Rough Beast, May 2019.

Seeing Shapes, Boned: A Collection of Skeletal Writing, June 2018.


Secret Code, 433, October 2021.

Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Feast and Catholic Inconsistency, The Shoeless Banshee, December 2019.

Interview about daily prayer, The Catholic Woman, March 2019. I didn’t write this; I was one of the ladies interviewed.

Take God to work with you, The Catholic Woman, May 2018.

Other Writings

A link to my author page at a positive news website can be found here.

A link to my author page at a Catholic website can be found here.

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